Adoptee dating korean

As long as I can remember I’ve had this recurring thought, or vision, or dream.It’s the silhouette of a person holding a baby (me) watching a young woman run away, trying not to look back. I know babies aren’t supposed to have memories but I have always thought that this is the closest thing I have to having an experience with my birth mom.Tonight, as part of the education for our adoption, we went to see a movie about a Korean pastor, Pastor Lee, who had set up a “baby box” for people to leave their unwanted babies in Seoul.Through his Baby Box, Pastor Lee has taken in more then 350 babies and has ended up adopting 15 children to call his own.

I felt sadness for the mothers who felt they had no other alternative then to leave the babies in a box.I felt anger towards the mothers who would leave their babies outside to die.I felt gratitude towards my birth mother as she chose to let me live and gave me to an organization where I could be adopted.I felt compassion for all the children who were left behind, many of whom had some sort of physical or mental disability.