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Relationships, Marriage, & Family Life in Bolivia Dating, marriage, and family life in Bolivia vary significantly.Among some people marriage and family are closely linked to the Catholic Church as it is a highly religious ceremony, dating prior to marriage is kept at a minimum, and pre-marital sex is considered inappropriate.For others, including many of the Aymara and Quechua, couples are expected to live together and start a family prior to marriage; today this is the norm in Bolivia.

If they have not already, most couples will move into their own house at this time.Your Guide to Bolivia: ● Bolivia Page ● Culture & Identity - Food, Dining, & Drinks - Ethnicity, Language, & Religion - Relationships, Marriage, & Family - Social Life - Architecture ● History ● Geography, Weather, & Wildlife ● Blogs Through the marriage events, Godparents are often chosen for the wedding couple.These godparents, one couple for each spouse, take on an important role in the couple's relationship (now and into the future) and are actively involved in the marriage ceremony.Once married, family life in Bolivia varies from couple to couple, but most couples are expected to, and do have children, as divorce is very rare.

Most families have two to four children and the man is often expected to financially support the family as the woman is often expected to raise the children and maintain the house.

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