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All of my music is on my Windows Home Server box, and I'd really rather not consolidate 100 GB of music off my server onto my Windows 7 machine, and then onto my Mac.It seems like I should be able to just move my library directory/files from Windows machine to the Mac and have it continue to find my music on the network (the Mac can see the Music share on the WHS just fine), but when I tried this, i Tunes on the Mac reported everything as missing.Looking at the properties of the file using Get Info, I see that it appended "file://localhost" in front of the network path.So, the long and the short of it is, is there a way to move an i Tunes library that has all of the music in a network location from a Mac to a PC?

I've "moved" my library locally several times by simply backing up the i Tunes file, opening it in a text editor, and doing a find/replace for the correct new path.

If you mess up, just move the original back overtop the one you edited.

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