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Winner is facing up to 10 years in prison on charges she violated the Espionage Act. Winner is a former National Security Agency contractor who has pleaded not guilty to charges she leaked a top-secret document to The Intercept about Russian interference in the 2016 election. They've been planning a military escalation in Syria since mid-last year. intelligence contractor Reality Leigh Winner appeared in court in Augusta, Georgia, where her lawyers asked the judge to exclude her statements to FBI agents on the day she was arrested, arguing she was denied her Miranda rights.Israel is beating the drums of war again, this time over Syria.On February 10 the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) carried out the most aggressive Israeli use of force in Syria thus far.After having bombed a drone base in retaliation for an alleged incursion by an Iranian drone, Israel retaliated for the shooting down of one of its fighter planes by hitting the main Syrian command-and-control bunker and five Iranian communications facilities.

Witnessing and hearing stories about racism can impact your health.The feelings evoked can make you ill if not processed.The recent news of Tina Fontaine’s trial and the acquittal of Gerald Stanley, a white farmer accused of killing a young Indigenous man, Colten Boushie, of the Red Pheasant First Nation are examples of the Canadian legal system’s commitment to the Indian Act and colonial dominance.This ongoing colonial dominance has a transgenerational trauma impact on... Which leading leftist journalist is more credible on Trump and treason?

In the annals of leftist discourse, last week’s debate between Glenn Greenwald and James Risen over the Trump-Russia investigation was akin to a heavyweight boxing match.

While both men work for the leftish Intercept and have Pulitzer Prizes on their walls, their styles are radically different.

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