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difference when it comes to changing the way people act or feel.Late last year, Facebook changed the “Hide/Mark as spam” option to “I don’t want to see this.” The result?

That’s why it’s critical to not just have and develop empathy, but to convey it to your customer.There are plenty of tough customer service scenarios waiting to happen, and while mastering empathy in customer service might feel overwhelming at first, it becomes easier and easier as you work on it—just as with any skill.Even if you didn’t do anything wrong, you can still be genuinely sorry about the way the customer feels. Researchers Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman, in their book Words Can Change Your Brain, found that using—and hearing—positive words can actually change the way we see reality.In a world where 95% of customers have taken action (e.g.

abandoned a business or complained about it to others) because of a negative customer experience, a simple tactic like adding more positive power words to your support interactions can make a big difference.

So when a customer emails you about an issue that they’re having, instead of responding with “I’ll look into this for you,” tell them that you’d be to help.

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