Dating church of christ

Dating the Book of Revelation There is considerable disagreement among students of Revelation as to when it was written.This study is being researched and written in an effort to try and bring to light the evidence which is available to help in the dating of this book.It is this Bible Student's belief that Revelation was written by John after the destruction of Jerusalem, during the reign of Emperor Vespasian and that it refers chiefly to the great Roman persecution of the church which occurred after the destruction of Jerusalem.Many well meaning people try to approach this subject with preconceived ideas and then attempt to force the visions of Revelation to fit within that mold.

The ending of sacrifice and offering cannot be anything but the ending of the old Levitical system of animal sacrifice which took place only at the temple in Jerusalem.

The seventieth "week" of Daniel's vision represents the entire confirmation period of the new covenant which started on Pentecost and ended when the whole new covenant had been confirmed or authenticated by the Holy Spirit.