Dating or marrying purto rico woman

I would like to participate on your website if that is possible. One of them is hottie of the week, and the other one is question of the week. I am Puerto Rican from New York, have a Master’s degree in Computer Security. Just saw your website and I believe it is a great website.I love Black women have always like them since I was a kid.In the Bronx, New York Hispanics and Blacks were the majority and still are the majority.

In many of the countries the lighter you are the better that you will get treated.This is even true in the Latino countries such as Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Colombia, Mexico, and so on.In my opinion, this exists because of how people are raised, and some are not well-travelled to be able to experience different cultures.For example, in many of the movies you will see a black person stealing or living in the ghetto whereas, in the movies you will see a light- skinned person or white person living in a high-class area.

So when they see this, the people will think that all Black people are ghetto and that all White people carry themselves better.

I have met Black people who carries themselves well and White people who are ghetto.