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Earlier today at k Farm, with Ed and Jesse present, we ran the small looping foil for optimization study.For part of the tests, a small storage battery received an incidental charge from the kite-driven hand generator, as we evaluated rigging changes and tunings.After the flight session (~6 PM local time), on a sudden whim, we connected the battery's 5 V, 1 A output to a new DC-DC upconverter to output 12 V into the grid-tie inverter.All the LED indicator lights lit up, a multimeter displayed upconverted voltage, and the vintage power meter was observed to creep backwards a notch or two.Within 30 seconds the battery was drained of its small charge.Not the flashiest demo ever, with quite low overall efficiency, and net energy in milliwatt seconds, but its almost surely the first electrons ever pushed onto the Texas grid by kites, and maybe even a world first.Vladimir Tikunov Laboratory of Integrated Mapping and Laboratory of Sustainable Development of Territories Faculty of Geography M. Lomonosov Moscow State University Vorobievy Gory, MSU, main building 119991 Moscow Russia Jonathan Li Department of Geography & Environmental Management Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change Faculty of Environment, University of Waterloo 200 University Avenue West Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3G1 Office: EV1-111 Florian Hruby Department of Geography University Center for Social Sciences and Humanities (CUCSH) University of Guadalajara Avenida de los Maestros y Mariano Bárcena (1er.piso) Colonia Alcalde Barranquitas, CP.: 44260 Guadalajara, Mexico Aim of the commission is the study and research on the possibilities of applying new information and communication technologies (ICT) on issues related to the cartographic heritage, focused on the following Terms of Reference: This Commission would have parallel academic and practical rationales.

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