Dating workaholic girl

Hi, to all you girls out there, would you ever date a workaholic?

Being single, dating, and trying to forge a relationship, is a challenge if you find yourself changing just for him.Rearranging your life and schedule, when it isn't mutual, could cause resentment . But more importantly, does he care about how you feel?Is your workaholic committed to continue dating you? We all know that addictions take precedence over anything else in our life.Food, water, shelter, and even people are just a means to an end, which is...fueling him up for more work. When your concerns are not as important to him as his other interests, you may get bitter. Guys need everything spelled out in a way that is not threatening.

I think six months is a good judge of how your life will be with him. As a single, now is the time to look at your relationship patterns.

Once you understand why men might treat you in a cavalier way; or, when you begin to see how you select the type of men who do not make a commitment, you can choose to not go down that same road.

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