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(function(l,f){function m()function i(a)function p(a,b,c)function t(a,b)function q(a){a||(a=f);var b=i(a);if(CSS&&! I've noticed that some of you have beenasking if chapter five was the last chapter,so I just want to make it clear that thisstory is definitely not over! Then, a soft smile eased across his face."Good morning, Kevin! Edd smiled shyly from across the round table."Thank you.""I didn't know you could cook.""Well," Edd said wistfully, "when one is home alone for a majority of their childhood, they must learn to prepare their own food.""I feel ya, man." ' Kevin thought.I'm planningon at least three or four more chapters. Removing the splint, he stretched and threw the blanket from his legs. Edd's parents seemed to be gone just as much as Kevin's dad was."How about I give you a ride to school? C'mon, you survived the first two rides, didn't you? "Alright, I suppose."After disposing of their dishes in the dishwasher and retrieving his bag, Edd followed Kevin outside.Gazing around the living room that was definitely not his, it all came rushing back, creating a dull ache in his temple. He stood up and wandered into the kitchen, in search of the delicious smell. "Edd looked up from his nearly-empty plate, fixing Kevin with an apprehensive gaze. The pair crossed the street in the early morning's soft sunlight, walking perhaps a little too close. He waited while Kevin disappeared inside, and the garage door soon opened to reveal Kevin as he heaved it up.

Edd took the short opportunity to admire the motorcycle in broad daylight."Hey."Kevin's voice caught Edd's attention, and he looked up as the other wrapped an arm around his midsection nonchalantly.Edd froze at the sudden closeness, his cheeks flushing."I meant what I said. Just so you know," he added, a sober grin plastered on his face.With wide blue-green eyes, heat rushed to Edd's cheeks as Kevin leaned forward to place an innocent kiss to his lips.

Then, he held the spare helmet out for the teen to take.

"Safety first."The world passed by in a blur as Kevin drove them to school upon his beloved motorcycle.

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