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From the world’s oldest ham to corvettes crushed in a sinkhole, some of the greatest wonders of our museums are available 24/7 through online webcams.Sure, unfiltered watching has its dangers, as shown by the recent queasiness induced by a couple of eagles feeding a cat to their fuzzy chicks, all live on camera (? But webcams can also make you a witness as a statue of Lenin comes down in Ukraine, or offer the vantage point of 18th-century philosopher Jeremy Bentham’s skeleton as he watches over University College London.Here are 10 museum webcams that you can tune in to anytime, anywhere, and watch over like a benevolent Big Brother.Did you know that there is an anointed “world’s oldest ham,” and it is in Smithfield, Virginia?The town is famed for its cured ham, and likely strikes terror in both hog and heifer, a fact that is celebrated at the Isle of Wight County Museum.Among the museum’s exhibitions on local history and historic fossils, is a glass case containing a cured ham that dates to 1902. Sensing a prime marketing opportunity, he made the ham his “pet,” complete with a brass collar, and took it on the road as an oddity.It was unintentionally forgotten in a packing house’s rafters, until noticed by ham purveyor P. Through the online Ham Cam, you can still keep an eye on the action of this withered hunk of meat. Probably not, but it’s one of the more curious live streams you can keep open in your tabs.Back in 2014, the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky suddenly soared to media attention beyond car aficionados when a huge sinkhole swallowed eight Corvettes in its Skydome.

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The museum has so many webcams you can almost tour the whole place digitally, including one trained on the exhibition.The mangled cars, though, are the most interesting, as people stop to gawk, as if startled by some relic of a future apocalypse, and gaze through a glass window in the ground to spy on that portal of doom.The nomadic Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult rotates its supposedly cursed and haunted curios on its live feed, where viewers around the world can monitor them for unusual activity.Sure, the “Idol of Nightmares” (or “Billy”) may just be an unmoored ethnographic artifact, yet along with the haunted dolls, scrying mirror, Ouija board planchette, and other preternatural pieces, it’s a webcam that serves up a weekly helping of the odd, always joined with a charming dry erase board tallying the “common phenomena” for each object.

The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh honored their late hometown hero’s August 6, 2013 birthday by launching a webcam at Warhol’s grave.

As of 2016, you can still tune in anytime to see the final resting place of Warhol, with Campbell’s soup cans and other tributes regularly left at his tombstone in St. The webcam includes sound, so you can hear birds chirping and voices of visitors walking along the mowed grass.

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