Grimmjow dating game

After Aizen’s defeat, Ichigo’s life was finally starting to return to normal.

However, it's never that easy when you have more power than sense.Orihime is haunted by the death of Ulquiorra as he reached out for her only to fall short. Will Orihime reconcile with her greatest regret or will she fall short again?All the while Ichigo is facing the same problem with the memory of a certain blue haired arrancar. ORIHIME X ULQUIORRA and ICHIGO X GRIMMJOW Ichigo Kurosaki lost his mother at a young age, and he found comfort in a childhood friend.After what feels like forever of loving one woman with all his heart, he finally decides to propose.

The reaction isn’t what he expects, and he finds himself in the hands of a blue haired godson of an urgent care doctor and his family services sister for the night after Tatsuki ends up giving him a concussion.

He finds himself drawn into a world where he matters, and where people that care about him don’t hurt him.