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Getty Images Get your daily dose of celebrity news with the latest in famous hookups, breakups, babies and everything in between.Today: Khloe buys Bieber's house, Aaron Carter wants Hilary Duff back, Kim Kardashian sets a wedding date, and more...Better Clean the Carpets Let's hope Justin Bieber's house is getting a deep clean this week — Khloe Kardashian's moving in!And, no, Khloe hasn't fallen into the arms of the Biebs.He reportedly sold the reality star the $6 million home since he's now...Read Full Story Pacific Coast News Holly Madison got married at Disneyland earlier this month and it was truly a fairy tale wedding, complete with a $500,000 diamond tiara.Yep, she wore something worth half a million bucks on her head when she said "I do." In addition to the Alan Friedman tiara, the former Girls Next Door star also wore a big white dress, custom-made by Greg Barnes, and carried a bouquet of daisies down the aisle in front of the 200 guests. Read Full Story(Photo: Getty)Holly Madison rose to fame as one of the Girls Next Door, aka one of Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner's three simultaneous girlfriends in the mid-'00s, but alas true love with an 87-year-old wannabe boat captain was not to be.

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Read Full Story Holly Madison (born December 23, 1979) is an American model and TV personality, best known for being one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends on the E!reality TV show "The Girls Next Door." After her public breakup with Hefner in 2008, she allegedly began dating magician Criss Angel.Find more pictures, videos and news about Holly Madison here. "When I arrived, I saw women tell lies about other women and get them kicked out. But one person has a different take on that time period: Kendra Wilkinson, who also dated Hefner at the time and costarred with Holly on the E!

There were sharks in the water." She said that the culture "encouraged women who acted stupid" and put women "out to pasture" by the time they were 28.

show , and Holly got mad that her show used footage from the signing without her permission.