Is dating a minor illegal

Originally posted by Dboy An adult friend of mine, is dating a minor, age 17 years 9 months.

Sexting has been promoted further by several direct messaging applications that are available on smartphones.The difference between using these applications and traditional texting is that content is transmitted over the Internet or a data plan, allowing anyone with Internet access to participate.Kik and Whats App appeal to teens because of the anonymity of the applications.Snapchat appeals to teens because it allows users to send photos for a maximum of ten seconds before they self-destruct.

Those sending photos over Snapchat believe they will disappear without consequences so they feel more secure about sending them.

There have been several cases where teens have sent photos over these applications, expecting them to disappear or be seen by the recipient only, yet are saved and distributed, carrying social and legal implications.

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    Is dating a minor illegal in wisconsin - Laws About Dating Minors In Wisconsin. Meaning a 20 year old person could have relations with a 17 year old.…
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    State laws do not make illegal for you to take your 17 year-old girlfriend out for dinner and a movie. What does risk being illegal is when you have sexual contact.…