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Anilda is a young high school sweetheart with a pretty face and naughty adventures.On the outside, she looks like a regular sixteen-year-old, but nobody can imagine how far she is willing to experiment with sex.One day, she is required to negotiate with a teacher who gives her a Conditional grade.To make sure that she wins his favor, Anilda prepares for the big event.But when danger and adventure knocked on her door, Anilda just couldn’t resist: she makes a detour with a bunch of strangers, just to give her body’s lustful desires. He was one of the senior students who topped his math class. ” there was a trace of hope and worry in Anilda’s voice.Anilda nervously checked the exam booklet on her desk. Once, he has offered to be her private tutor, but Anilda was afraid that things would get out of control. Nobody would know it by the way that she wore pink lip balm, fish-tail braids, and thick-framed glasses. She loved to prey on older men, because she prefers more vigorous and experienced men. “Your score is a Conditional, which means, you can either pass or fail, according to your lecturer’s decision.The semester was almost done, and she cannot afford to fail any of her exams, especially in math… Although Martin was undeniably hot and ripe, Anilda was afraid that he is not worth the risk. He might give you an extra quiz or something so you can have more points.” Anilda felt herself become nervous, but excited.He might tell everyone that Anilda was the sluttiest girl in their high school, plus she might not even be satisfied with him in bed. It means that she will have to negotiate with her Teacher Danny, who was among her favorites.

The man was in his mid-forties, he had facial hair and a sexy beard that Anilda had always fantasized about.I wonder how his stubbles would feel when rubbed in my pussy… These are the wild thoughts that Anilda kept private.I wonder if he has a large cock, just as his hands look strong… She didn’t tell her friends about her sexcapades and fantasies.Of course, her friends were still young virgins, unlike Anilda who was only sixteen and yet so slutty.

“I think I should go see Teacher Danny soon,” Anilda said, trying to excuse herself from Martin, “I might need to get an appointment from him.” Anilda visited the math department of their high school and asked the secretary if she can meet her teacher after class hours. The secretary said that Teacher Danny had especially reserved that timeslot to a lovely girl in the sophomore class. Anilda found herself giggling and smiling brightly while she marched out from the high school.

The thought of being alone with her teacher excited her.