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I noticed that I got a lot of traffics from TM search keywords. Example: 806-9273388689 (Note: If your call does not reach 3 minutes, you will still be charged P5.) TODO TAWAG 15/15 – Php15 for a 15-minute call to TM/Globe numbers. For information on TM ASTIG REWARDS, please check Republika website. To those TM users, thank you for taking time to click on my website. On top of that, I also get a: FREE ALL NETWORKS 100 TEXTS 10 MINS To activate this free 100 texts to all networks and 10 mins, I only need to text the following keyword: BONUS to 8888. CALL Promos SULITAWAG – Php5 for a 3-minute call to TM/Globe number. This is ideal if you plan to have a long conversation. Out of curiosity, I bought a TM sim to get a feel of it. (Note: If your call does not reach 15 minutes, you will still be charged P15.) CALL & TEXT Promo ASTIGUNLI100 – Unlimited call and text for 3 days to Globe/TM for P100. To use the unlimited call fo ASTIGUNLI, dial: 807 10-digit TM/Globe number. My kids and I went to the mall the other day, when suddenly this guy came to me and gave me this free insurance coupon and a 50% discount from college tuition fee.First he asked if I have credit card and I said yes then he took us to their office and when we got there several people assisted us.There was this lady who asked me if I can come with her inside to demonstrate the coupon I got.I complied and seated right in front of the banner where it was displayed.

Then she explained to me that the coupon I got is basically a free insurance from the savings.The product is savings—she repeatedly said it was all about the savings.It was not pure insurance though they give free insurance if you get the savings.Well, here it goes, you would save up some money worth 15,715 pesos good for the whole year and you would give out the same amount for 10 years.

And you will have a 100,000 pesos face amount and also you will get 10% of the face amount every year after you finished paying the premium. But when I started asking questions, since I have some knowledge about insurance and about some products that bank is offering to depositors, it came to my senses that this could be some sort of a scam hidden behind the name of Cocolife. I don’t have any negative feedback about UCPB since I had an account with them way back in the 2000, they did great in handling the accounts and the depositors.

My concerns about this Cocolife are: I would pay using my credit card. You can use your credit card to pay outright and then after one year, you have a choice to give the premium either monthly or annually through the bank. I must pay the initial premium 1-time with my card then choices afterwards. I asked if I can come back the next day because I have to get my husband’s decision on this matter. How can you decide on investing for a short period of time? It is a classified documents and should be handed to the owner at the moment payment was made.