Rose rollins dating anyone

Tina's obvious, lingering affection for Bette affects her dating prospects.

Find out where to reconnect with the actresses who portrayed Bette, Tina, Alice, Jenny, Kit, Helena, Max, Dana, Carmen, Tasha, Molly, Marina, Joyce Wishnia and of course, is due to welcome a baby boy with her Australian boyfriend Sebastian just three days after her birthday on 30 April (17), and the actress is quietly hoping he isn’t born on her big day.“I know it sounds selfish, because he’s the greatest gift ever and I can’t wait for him to get here,” she tells , “but if he comes on my birthday? ” The 35-year-old also admits she was hoping to have a baby girl because she and Sebastian have a lot of brothers.“We were talking to the baby as if he were a girl,” she says.

“We thought our Jedi mind tricks to ensure a girl were working.

Then a sonogram made it clear as day we were having a boy.