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One complaint that I’ve noticed other reviewers make about Amagami SS is that the show is, well, bland.There’s no major comic asides, lapses into super-deformity, particularly bizarre character designs, or the like.The show has mostly been content to provide a normal depiction of a doomed romance (at least, I think that it’s doomed), and this isn’t always that exciting.

Said magic power causes girls to grow animal ears and tails, every otaku’s favorite fetish?Said teenage magical girls are all loosely based on real-life World War 2 fighter pilots from every major nation that fought in the war and wield period and nation-appropriate weaponry?That kind of premise, married to a story that took itself as seriously as any ace pilot anime, combined with gorgeously animated air combat, was something I really wanted to like.It was such a strange conglomeration of things that I normally enjoy watching: quasi-serious story with a completely absurd premise, aerial combat, weird devotion to historical accuracy in completely meaningless ways, that I told myself it had to be good.

But there was an elephant in the room that I didn’t want to think about. A slowly growing sub-genre of anime comedy could best be called “grade-schoolers behaving badly.” I won’t dignify the trend by naming any such shows, but mostly they involve students on the cusp of puberty (if even that) doing suggestive things with each other and/or with a poor teacher, who spends any time not protecting himself from their advances frantically denying charges of pedophilia.

The charge would be better laid on the creators of the show and their audience.

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