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L.) and Five Perennial Bunchgrass Species to Simulated Field-Temperature Regimes, Stuart P. Kumasaka, Veronica Galvan, Elizabeth Head, and Troy T. Budd, and Yong Gao Enhancing Evidence-Based Practice Through Collaboration, Pamela Springer, Carolyn Corbett, and Noreen Davis File Enhancing Personal Care Services for Senior Refugees, Alina Austin; Marissa Baker; Joei Beaman; Sarah Harris; Janina Harvell; Joanna Judd; Melody Keiser, RN; Kylie Nebeker; Heather Niehoff; Marianne Palaia; and Kristal Richens Equatorial Ocean Circulation in an Extremely Warm Climate, T. , Cecilia Jones, Danny Ryan, and Jared Shulsen Caspase Activation in Neurodegenerative Diseases Classified as Tauopathies and Alpha-Synucleinopathies: Caspase-Cleaved TAR DNA-Binding Protein-43 in Pick's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, and Dementia with Lewy Bodies, Polina Kokoulina Caspase Cleavage of the Amyloid Precursor Protein is Prevented After Overexpression of Bcl-2 in a Triple Transgenic Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease, Debra K. Parette, Jack Hourcade, Nichole Boeckmann, and Craig Blum File Empowering Adolescents to Take Control of their Health, Summer Nave; Meghan Cunningham; Christine Duncan; Kami Bellomy; Kathryn Cooperstein; Nichole Murphy, RN; Johnny Glogowski; Rachel Kendall; Amanda King; Jessi Christensen-Bybee; and Kayla Salcido (Year 3 & 4): Can a Book Club Help Women Overcome Barriers to Physical Activity and Improve Self-Worth? Huberty, Jamie Vener, Lynda Ransdell, Laura Schulte, Melissa A.

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Knowlton Child Mothers in Children’s Literature: Victorian Gender Negotiations in Burnett’s Girlhood Fiction, Hailey Siobhan Grist Chiral Recognition of 4, 4’ Biphenyl-Dicarboxylic Acid on Pd(111) and Au(111) Studied by Electrochemical-Scanning Tunneling Microscopy, Joey Hanson Cloning and Expression of the Envelop Protein from West Nile Virus for Oral Vaccine Development., James Minick and Brittney Keber COMMUNEcation: A Rhizomatic Tale of Participatory Technology, Postcoloniality and Professional Community, Kirsten J. Van Ness Comparison of Combustion Emissions from Wickless- and Wick-based Candles, Jamie Minick Comparison of Instantaneous and Constant-Rate Stream Tracer Experiments Through Parametric Analysis of Residence Time Distributions, Robert A. Broadfoot, Debashish Munshi, and Natalie Nelson-Marsh File Communication Device, Sandy Ferguson, Marina Vasilchenko, and Quinn Anderson File Community Assessment of Lead Screening: Health Care Providers in Ada & Elmore Counties, Kayla Anthony; Caitlin Duke, RN; Jeanette Hinton; Victoria Johnson; Therese Kepner; Natalie Morgan; Jill Rolfson; Ashley Snook; and Hannah Tobias Comparing Narratives of Personal and Preferred Partner Characteristics in Online Dating Advertisements, Elizabeth M. Butt Compensation for Col11a1 Deficiency by Other Minor Collagens, Jonathon Reeck, Prarthana Kashikar, and Linda Mercer Conversational Performance and the Poetic Construction of an Ideology, Gail Shuck 'Copious Floods of Eloquence': Melville's Reading of Dante's Divine Comedy", Eric Austin, Nathan Spann, Scott Clark, and Joshua Preminger Correlation Between Saturation Magnetization, Bandgap and Lattice Volume of Transition Metal (M = Cr, Mn, Fe, Co or Ni) Doped Zn1-x Mx O Nanoparticles, Joshua Anghel Costs and Benefits of Variable Nest Density in Burrowing Owls: Effects on Predation, Ectoparasites, Egg Yolk Hormones, and Productivity, Justin Lamar Welty File COUN 507 Career Counseling From Theory to Application, Gretchen Finley, Laura Mundy, and Jeana Phillips Creating an Effective Classroom Seating Arrangement: Influences and Factors, Samantha Brandel Cross Sections Used to Elucidate Differences in Wavelet Transforms of Ground Force Reactions, Wesley John Orme Cryogenic Characterization of Charge Trapping in MOSFET High-k Dielectrics, Ross Butler, Richard G. Knowlton Crystallographic Characterization of (Sr Cultural Competency in Nursing Education, Mikal Black, Terri Soelberg, and Pamela Springer Cupping the Spark in Our Hands: Developing a Better Understanding of the Research Question in Inquiry-Based Writing, Bernice Olivas Dating and Sexual Satisfaction: The Roles of Demographics, Self-perceptions and Sexual Attitudes, Nicole Garvin and Camille Nichols-Blount DC/AC Power Inverter, Keith Adams, Greg Ilk, and Steve Sjostrom Dendrochronological Reconstruction of Climate and Fire in a Ponderosa Pine Forest Near the Bogus Basin Area, Boise Front, Idaho, Christiane Campbell File Dental Care for Underserved Children, Crystal Bryant, Jon Dunn, Heather Gagliano, Diane Kenski, Amber Lords, Thomas Marley, Jason Oakes, De Edra Price, Tracey Price, Kim Thomas, and Karin Waltz Depletion of Beclin-1 Due to Proteolytic Cleavage by Caspases in the Alzheimer's Disease Brain, Troy T. Bradford Desamparo y contaminación: falta de justicia ambiental en Despacio, tengo prisa: Caminos de concientización a el alcance de educadores, Roberto E. Sarah Toevs, Public Policy Center, Boise State University File Helping Students SCORE through Positive Behavior Support, Summer Cook High-Precision U-Pb Zircon Age Calibration of the Global Carboniferous Time Scale and Milankovitch Band Cyclicity in the Donets Basin, Eastern Ukraine, Vladimir I. Stephanie Witt and Carole Nemnich, Public Policy Center, Boise State University Hyporheic Exchange and Water Chemistry of Two Arctic Tundra Streams of Contrasting Geomorphology, Morgan J. Harris, Eliezer Masliah, and Peter Vandenabeele Depth Characterization of Shallow Aquifers with Seismic Reflection, Part I—The Failure of NMO Velocity Analysis and Quantitative Error Prediction, John H. Sarah Toevs, Public Policy Center, Boise State University Link Health Care Reform: The Big Picture with Dean Jim Girvan and Dr. Bahruth File Human Physiology Community Education, Sasha Volgamore and Kristen Mitchell Link Hunger in Idaho with Dr.

Soukiassian Field Emitter Array Driver and Measurement System for Use in a “Smart” Crossed-Field Amplifier, Sonya Shawver and Brandon Wells Finding Concealed Active Faults: Extending the Southern Whidbey Island Fault across the Puget Lowland, Washington, Brian L. Ross Burkhart, Public Policy Center, Boise State University Link Health Care Reform: Reforming Payment or Reforming Delivery, with Dean Jim Girvan and Dr. Poletaev File High School Equivalency Program (HEP), Ricky Morris Humanizing Education in an Age of Apathy and Greed, Roberto E.

Sarah Toevs, Public Policy Center, Boise State University Link Health Care in Canada's Single-Payer System with Dr.

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