The secret guide to dating monsters

tru TV's Top Funniest brings you the most hilarious blunders, jokes, pranks, and fails!See what happens when a show-off tries to slide down the railing of escalator.Check out the beachgoer who taunts Mother Nature and incurs the wrath of the sea!Plus, have you seen the phone tower worker who has a run-in with an angry hawk?It all leads up to the best of the best - the "Clip of the Week!" Brooke and Kevin give tips on skipping a busy lunch line with a new Gaming the System hack, the Pitchman has some money-saving advice for your car, and ever wonder where high heels come from? We're going to the future with Kevin as he lives out his hoverboard dream with Master Hacker Science Bob.And move over, 2000 thread count sheets, Brooke and Kevin spot a hack that will help your sheets feel like a million bucks!Officers Mack and Jack come to the rescue of a perp who has a tough time being alone, and Kevin reunites with his long-time friend Candace Bailey in a hacksperiment where they attempt to find out the sex of her baby.

Plus, Senora is not the portrait of good behavior in a new Hacks Del Corazon.Brooke meets a dominatrix who wants to teach a pomegranate a lesson, and Mack and Jack try to help a new couple beat the cohabitation curse.Plus, Kevin and Brooke test a hack that puts your baby to work.Michael turns water into liquor and convinces an experienced drinker that distillation is a lie.

Michael heads to a coffee shop and blows the minds of customers who see but don't believe. In this special episode, Michael breaks the laws of physics with a multitude of tricks, and then introduces new technologies to some very accepting patrons.

And what happens when people learn they're on a TV show?

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