Updating rom

The latest software version for Kindle Fire (1st Generation) is 6.3.4.

When talking about custom ROMs, in your mind there should be only one thing: you are dealing with an unofficial port of the Android system, so the same is not an OTA (Over the Air) or official update released by Google for your Android device.That’s why the custom ROMs can be applied only manually and only by following dedicated step by step guides.Regarding the up mentioned aspects, root access will be required if you want to update your smartphone / tablet with a custom firmware.Root means that you will gain access to the internal system of your handset by removing the factory and default restrictions.

By rooting you will unchain the OS thus you will be able to remove in build apps and programs, add new features, install complex tools that requires root access in order to run properly, upgrade the battery life, improve the speeds and so on.

Most important, a custom ROM can be flashed only on rooted Android devices.