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Netflix uses cookies for personalisation, to customise its online advertisements, and for other purposes. Netflix supports the Digital Advertising Alliance principles. You can change cookie preferences; continued site use signifies consent.By continuing to use our service, you agree to our use of cookies. ): Background; general considerations; the instrument tradition; Kodaly method; traditional singing; secondary school syllabus; compulsory or optional folk music?; examinations; pilot studies; manipulation; practical measures • Amhráin i d Toraigh / (by Breandán Ó Madagáin; Folk music and dances of Ireland, by Breandán Breathnach; Ceolta Gael, by Seán Óg Ó Baoill and Manus Ó Baoill; Singer’s House, LP sung by David Hammond; articles on Gaelic folk song in Folk Review, by Alan Bruford) • ‘The red herring’ • Theses at University College Cork • Baill ag saothrú (new publications by members) • New collections • Synge song • Dublin Castle’s view • Song queries from Canada • ‘Ar thaobh na Cairrge Báine’ () • Extract from the article by J. Marshall ‘Notes on the statistics and natural history of the island of Rathlin’ in Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy XVII (1837) 54 • AGM (report by NC) • Songs from Tom Lenihan (; and some journal articles —Hugh Shields ‘A singer of poems’ [article on songs of the blind fiddler Jimmy Mc Curry of Myroe, N.Derry; Tom Munnelly ‘Songs of the sea’ ; Éanna Mac Cába ‘Cothú agus cur chun cinn an tsean-nóis amhránaíochta’; Breandán Breathnach ‘Pipers and pipes in Louth’ • “Ceol” V, 1 (22: October 1982 Report on Caitlín Uí Éigeartaigh, ‘An Introduction to the Forde Collection’ [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Breandán Breathnach, ‘The Feis Ceoil and Irish Music’ [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Annual General Meeting [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Christmas Carols: Ballad Sheet Reprints [article] / [Hugh Shields] — Report on Brian and Eithne Vallely, ‘The Teaching of Irish Traditional Music’ [article] / Nicholas Carolan — A Discography of Irish Traditional Music [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Irish Folk Music on Cassette [article] / [Hugh Shields] — Ballad Seminar [article] /[Hugh Shields] — Seamus Ennis [article] / Hugh Shields — Dal g Cais, The Journal of Clare [article] / [Hugh Shields] — Shavian Tirade [article] / [Nicholas Carolan and Hugh Shields] 23: February 1983 Report on Angela Partridge: Songs in English from the Connemara Gaeltacht [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on James Kelly, Fiddle, Paddy O’Brien, Button Accordion, a recital [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Cartlann Cheoil, Raidio na Gaeltachta : The Raidio na Gaeltachta Archive of Music [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Persian Traditional Music [article] / Nicholas Carolan — [Leaves from a Journal, Or Sketches of Rambles in North Britain and Ireland, Edinburgh 1824, pp118-22, 138-9] : Harpers, Welsh and Irish – 1824 [article] / Andrew Bigelow — Cumann Cheol Tíre Éireann = Folk Music Society of Ireland : Ballads in Ireland [article] — Geordie and Sarah Ann: Record Reviews [article] / Hugh Shields — Lisburn Town [song: music and words] — The West’s Awake [article] — The North’s Awake [article] — Celtic Music Studies [article] / D.

Amhráin agus Amhránaithe Dobhair [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Proinsias Ó Conluain : Edward O’Reilly, Collector, and His Manuscripts [article] / Nicholas Carolan — New Set-Dance Recordings [article] / Nicholas Carolan — The Last ‘Ceol’ [article] — Miscellany [article] 31: November 1987 Report on Sean Corcoran : Traditional Singing in a Fermanagh Community [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Colin Neilands : Irish Broadside Ballads : Their Social and Historical Contexts [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Ceol-Fhéile Phádraig : Johnny O’Leary, Button Accordion [article] / Nicholas Carolan — The Lonesome Jig — Report on Music Traditions & Media: a Seminar at Trinity College Dublin, 8- [selection of articles] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Malachy O’Higgins : How to Make a Videotape : Techniques and Equipment [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Hugh Shields : Printed Aids to Singing : the Functioning of Ballad Sheets [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Sean Donnelly : Published Music Collections and the Traditional Player [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Cathal Goan : Traditional Music on Irish Television : an Illustrated Presentation [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Agnes Cogan : Televising Traditional Music : a Producer’s Perspective [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Proinsias Ó Conluain : Traditional Music on Radio : Fieldwork and the Local Scene [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Nicholas Carolan Learning from the Gramophone : Traditional Performers and the Record Industry [article] / Nicholas Carolan — ‘Music of Ireland’ : Video by Jane Strausbaugh [article] — Set Dancing and Video [article] — Report on Annual General Meeting [article] / Nicholas Carolan — ‘Tradition Vivante’ [article] / Hugh Shields — ‘Musical Traditions’ [article] / Hugh Shields — New Publications : Ballad Research.The Stranger in Ballad Narrative and Other Topics / ed.Hugh Shields ; A Short Discography of Irish Folk Music / ed.Nicholas Carolan [article] 32 : December 1988 Pol Huellou] [article] — Report on Mick O’Connor : Making a Visual Archive of Irish Traditional Music [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Donal Lunny : Approaches to Irish Music [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Matt Cranitch and Colin Hamilton : Writing a Tutor for Traditional Music [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Helen Corcoran : Traditional Step Dancing [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Popular Music in Eighteenth-Century Dublin : Exhibition and Recitals [article] — Report on an Evening of Donegal Fiddle Playing [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Traditional Music in Dublin, Seminar, 22-23 April 1988 [selection of articles] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin : The Music of Tommie Potts [article] / Nicholas Carolan — My Love is in America [reel] — Report on Bróna Nic Amhlaoibh : Music and Song in the Urban Folklore Project [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on George Mc Clafferty : Rhymes and Songs of Dublin Children [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Three Lovely Lassies from Kimmage [song: music and words] — Report on Tom Munnelly : Dublin As Seen By Country Singers [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Paidí Bán Ó Broin : Traditional Dancing in Dublin in My Time [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Alf Mac Lochlainn : ‘Duffy’s Dublin Comic Songster’ (1845) [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Paul Dooley and Martin Kerin : Busking in Dublin [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Annual General Meeting [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Special Lecture by Kenneth Goldstein [article] / Hugh Shields — Irish Traditional Music Archive = Taisce Cheol Dúchais Éireann [article] — Seamus Ennis on Cassette [article] / Hugh Shields — `Old Dublin Songs’, new publication edited by Hugh Shields [article] 33: December 1989 Report on Jimmy Mc Bride : Songs from Inishowen [article] / Hugh Shields — Begin the Harp / Nancy Calthorpe [review article] — Report on Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin : Creativity in Irish Traditional Music : 1 Phrasing, Rhythm, Pitch and Structure [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Charlie Lennon : Creativity in Irish Traditional Music : 2 A Personal Perspective [article] / Nicholas Carolan — Report on Pol Huellou : Breton Dance Workshop [article] / Lisa Shields — Sean Donnelly : Carolan’s Grandson [article] — Report on Kenneth S.

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    The Folk Music Society of Ireland’s newsletter Ceol Tíre was begun by its editor Hugh Shields in November 1973 and continued by him and Nicholas Carolan who was.…