Who is jesse csincsak dating

De Anna broke up with me," Jesse says in a video (posted below). but she wasn't willing to try anymore." Apparently Pappas wasn't even willing to stick to an agreement she and Jesse had made on the timing of the break-up announcement.host Chris Harrison recently spoke with Jesse, who said that De Anna visited him in Breckenridge, Col., last week to drop the bomb.Though the pair agreed to issue a joint statement this Thursday, De Anna allegedly tipped off the press ahead of time."They were going to release a joint statement and try and keep this above board," Harrison told 104.3 MY FM, "and she went out on her own, leaked it.So [Jesse] is just feeling a little beat up right now." What brought on De Anna's change of heart?"The answer I got was, 'I love you, but I'm not love with you,'" Jesse says in his video.

De Anna had been pushing him to move to Los Angeles, he says, and "the only time she was touchy feely with me was around the cameras." Though Jesse still has feelings for De Anna — "She is an amazing person.She made me feel like no other," he told Extra on Monday — he does not intend to fight for a lost cause. "I just want her to be happy whether it's with or without me." What's your take? Everyone watched as De Anna Pappas picked professional snowboarder Jesse Csincsak on the Bachelorette 4 - but sadly, their engagement ended last fall. I don’t condone that Melissa got hurt, but everyone would die to be in love and that’s the goal for most of us. I got thousands of e-mails from fans asking, "What was she thinking?